March 29, 2011

Capgemini Interview Questions WCF,,, Sql server

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) questions:
1. Difference between web services and WCF?
2. Components of WCF?
3. What is End Point?
4. WCF Hosting types?
5. How many protocols can be used to access WCF?
6. What is WCF Binding?
7. What is WCF contract?
8. What are the transfer modes available?
Oops questions:
1. Features of Oops?
2. What do you understand by polymorphism and message passing?
3. Difference between overloading and overwriting? questions
1. What is the use of private constructor and why to make constructor as private?
2. How to erase unmanaged code objects from memory?
3. What is the use of finalize() method?
4. Why to use GC.Collect() method?
5. How many catch blocks can be created after try block?
6. Can we put try without catch?
7. What is delegate?
8. What are anonymous methods?
9. What will happen if I call 5 times a single anonymous method?
10. What is shared classes? questions
1. What is impersonation?
2. How many securities provided by
3. What is assembly?
4. Difference between assembly and namespaces?
5. What is strong name?
6. What do you meant by late binding?
Sql Server
1. Tell me types of logs generated by sql server?
2. How to perform exception handling in sql server?
3. If I had a before update trigger and I am updating trigger and table in same time what will happen?
4. Single line statement for copy the structure of table to another table?